World Smile Day: Top Tips for the Perfect Smile

World Smile Day

Here at Smiletronix, we want to celebrate World Smile Day by giving you our top tips for maintaining good oral health and the perfect smile. World Smile Day is all about spreading a bit more love and kindness and what better place to start than with yourself? Keeping your oral health in tip-top condition can help prevent a whole host of issues so here are a few ways to keep on top of your dental routine for optimal wellbeing. 

Brush your teeth and tongue at least twice a day

Brushing your teeth and tongue morning and night is vital to oral health. You should brush for at least two minutes, finally brushing your tongue. This step is just as important when it comes to removing harmful bacteria that can cause problems such as periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Don’t skip on flossing!

Over one-third of UK, adults admit to skipping flossing when it comes to their oral hygiene routine, despite the fact it helps remove plaque from between the teeth that may be missed from brushing. Adding a small dab of toothpaste to your floss will aid an even deeper clean, further preventing early-stage gum disease gingivitis and plaque build-up.

Time will tell

Waiting half an hour before and after brushing ensures that no fluoride residue is rinsed away by eating or drinking. Fluoride works by protecting the outer surface layer of the tooth from plaque and acids that contribute to decay. By waiting half an hour since our last meal before brushing, we prevent damage to the enamel caused by the acids produced when we eat sugary and starchy foods. These acids temporarily weaken enamel and brushing before the half-hour time frame actually causes more harm than good. 

Resist Rinsing 

Rinsing the mouth with water or an alcohol-based mouthwash after brushing removes fluoride from the tooth surface, meaning they have been cleaned but are no longer protected. By diluting this leftover fluoride residue, preventative effects are reduced and your cleaning routine is less effective. Instead, rinse with fluoride mouthwash such as Colgate Fluorigard during the day to wash away food particles and maintain breath freshness. 

Start on a clean slate  

Switching out to a fresh toothbrush every three months will ensure thorough oral cleaning. With extended use bristles become worn thin and frayed, therefore becoming less efficient at cleaning hard to reach areas such as the gum line. Not only do bristles change, but the longer you keep the same brush, the more bacteria it harbours – potentially causing damage to the teeth and gums and increasing the risk of infection.

Why not download the Smiletronix app this World Smile Day and start taking care of your oral health daily. From mouth scans to our whiteness scale, you can keep track of the health and condition of your mouth every day and use your custom dental reports to spot any warning signs before they have a chance to develop. To find out more about the app and download it today, head to our Smiletronix product page.


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