How is AI Technology Impacting Healthcare?

We all know technology is forever evolving to incorporate the next best, upcoming and never seen before features. But how is AI technology branching out to healthcare?

What on earth is AI technology?!

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, meaning intelligence that comes from a machine, or robot, rather than an actual human being. Techtarget touches on the question: What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and How Does it Work?, whilst also pointing out how AI technology has the ability to self-correct, ensuring consistent accuracy. We use AI every day in our working and personal lives, and most of us will keep AI in our pockets every day in the form of a smartphone! It all works by undergoing a learning period where it will analyze its surroundings and learn a solution that is programmed in my humans, to then repeat later on when faced with the same problem. 


Can I trust AI results?

When it comes to AI, it all comes down to three main factors – performance, process and purpose. AI works based on what we initially input into it, or what we give it to learn. So, if the input is correct, then so is the AI outcome. By using AI from reputable companies developed by professionals you’re guaranteeing a result you can trust as a customer. This crazy technology is all based on human knowledge and programming (robots won’t be taking over just yet!)

Now, we don’t want to speak on behalf of anyone else, but here at Smiletronix our combination of AI and real life, registered dentists to create your personalised report ensures accurate results that are thoroughly checked before they reach you. 


What does any of this have to do with healthcare?

The application of AI technology to healthcare processes is a growing industry. AI technology can use patient information to help dentists, doctors and nurses gain a more accurate diagnosis and therefore more streamlined and beneficial treatment plans can be put in place. This article, artificial-intelligence-in-healthcare by foreseemed, highlights how AI hasn’t yet grown enough to replace human input – and that’s why Smiletronix combines the two for optimum results.


So how does Smiletronix come in?

Our Smiletronix app uses AI technology to complete health, hygiene and whiteness scans on your mouth – all from the palm of your hand. This data is then used to track all three aspects of your dental health, to generate reports and top tips that aid prevention and/or treatment. 

So, in simpler terms, Smiletronix works by taking a scan of your mouth using your smartphone camera, and then AI magic tells you if you have decay, and on which tooth. It can also tell you if you need to brush more thoroughly in a certain area, and whether your whiteness seems to have gone down a shade…cool, right?


We do not rely on AI assessments alone, but use these alongside our health and hygiene scan results by transferring all findings to a professional dentist for review before generating the final report. This ensures the best possible results are being provided to your smartphone, double checked by trustworthy professionals.


Discover how we use this combination of AI and professional advice by downloading our app below:


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